Our Quality Promise

Quality is more than just something we taste or see or measure, it is in our every action. We promise to exceed the applicable regulatory and management system requirements in everything we do.

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Advanced Technologies

When we use better measurement system, improve our production equipment, and teach and train our team members, we just have one goal in mind; improve the quality of our products for our customers and the consumers.


Microbiology Testing

Microbiological safety is a key component of our overall quality management system. We understand the public health consequences and commercial damage that can result from any failure in this area. We uphold the highest standards in our microbiology laboratory and continuously deploy more effective and faster techniques in this field.

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Analytical Testing

We review and improve our analytical testing procedures and equipment to ensure the results of our laboratory analysis are consistent and accurate.

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Continuous Improvement

We continually challenge ourselves to improve our quality management system by integrating and harmonizing it with other areas of our operations – from sourcing and formulation up through manufacturing, production control, and distribution.


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