How to Post/Edit a News Article

You must first login to the YaYA website and navigate to Pages > News (database) before proceeding.

1. Scroll to the bottom to find the "[Template]"


2. Click it once and click the "Edit" button


3. There will be a pop-up of the post - make sure you click "DUPLICATE" at the bottom of the pop-up window before you start to add your information. This will duplicate the template post and allow you to edit your new News post.


4. You should have a new pop-up window that says "Copy of [Template]", this is what you will start editing. Now you can add your title in the first box and news post in the larger text area above the line. Make sure to delete the dummy text before adding your own.

5. Make sure to link to external sources

6. Add any necessary tags or categories (near the bottom left)

7. Make sure Comments are turned "Off" (this will be the default setting)


8. Next, you’ll want to click ‘Options’ at the top navigation bar

9. First, you’ll want to change the ‘Post URL’ to match your post title

10. Next, add an excerpt (this will appear as a short description of your post)

11. If your news post is being used from an external site, you may link to the source link in the “Source URL” space.


12. The ‘Featured Post’ is what appears on the home page on the left hand side. There can only be one featured post at a time, so make sure to de-select the previous featured post before saving a new one.


13. To Publish a post, click "Save & Publish" below. Otherwise, if you'd like to save your post as a draft to work on later, just hit "Save". 

If you wish to schedule a post to go live at a later date, click "Draft", select "Scheduled" and set the date and time you'd like to publish the post. It will then publish automatically at that date/time.


  • remember to style your headings (just highlight and use H2) in the panel above

  • remember when linking externally to have it open in a new window like this

  • remember to add an excerpt located in the "Options" tab above, this will be the preview of your post

  • make sure to update the "Post URL" located in the "Options" tab above to the date + title of the blog post (spaces to be replaced by dashes "-")

  • If you are re-posting an article from another source (ex. Tetra Pak, etc.) make sure to link back to the "Source URL" located in the "Options" tab above