Job Board

How to Post/Edit a Job Listing

You must first login to the YaYA website and navigate to Pages > Job Board (database) before proceeding.

1. Scroll to the bottom to find the "[Template: Job Title]

2. Click it once and click the "Edit" button

3. There will be a pop-up of the post - make sure you click "DUPLICATE" at the bottom of the pop-up window before you start to add your information. This will duplicate the template post and allow you to edit your new Job listing.


4. You should have a new pop-up window that says "Copy of [Template: Job Title]", this is what you will start editing. (See img below for the areas to edit)


5. Next, make sure you add the correct Tags & Categories, the tag should be the Location and the Category should be the identifier of a Salary or Hourly position.


6. Next, Click Options located at the top of the window.

7.  Once under Options, make sure to change the Post URL to read the date & job title, this format should be: YYYY/M/D/job-title (Ex. 2018/9/7/customer-service-representative[Note: do not leave spaces between words, add a dash instead]

8. Next, you want to add an Excerpt, this is what will show up in the job board itself. This is a good spot for a short description of the position in 2-3 sentences.


9. You are now ready to either store your Job Posting in DRAFT, PUBLISH, REVIEW or SCHEDULE mode. If you would like to publish right away, hit the "Save & Publish" button at the bottom right hand corner. If you wish to keep it invisible for further review, you can keep it in DRAFT mode, or, if you would like to schedule it to publish at a certain date & time, you can do so by clicking SCHEDULE and setting the date & time you wish to publish.

You're all set! Once published your Job Post is now live on your site. You may repeat the steps above for any other Job Listings you may have.

Note: If for any reason you want to take the listing ‘offline’ without deleting it, you can always put a post back into “DRAFT” mode so it is not visible to the public.